Living & Leisure

Living & Leisure

Pydar will bring neighbourhood living into the centre of the city with new homes and all year round leisure activities.

Pydar will bring neighbourhood living into the centre of the city with approximately 300 new homes, including multi-generational housing and student accommodation, so different generations can live alongside each other in high quality accommodation which meets their needs.

There will be a mix of housing sizes, types and tenures to meet local needs rather than a bland “one size fits all” approach. This will include town houses and apartments, much needed affordable housing and good quality Council Owned market rented homes.

There will also be an option for self build homes on the site, with plans to work with the construction industry to give people the skills they need to build their own homes to live in on the site.


Feedback from the local community has identified a need for improved all year round leisure activities within Truro.

Current proposals include a range of new indoor and outdoor activities, including an improved bowling alley, a children’s play zone, a digital gaming zone, cycling and walking routes, indoor bowls, gym and wellbeing facilities, including an outdoor gym and connections to existing parks and the River Allen.

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