Neighbourhood Plan

The plan involves the communities of Truro and Kenwyn helping to set out how the neighbourhoods will evolve in terms of environment, employment, housing, education, culture & leisure, and Green Infrastructure.

Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan means planning for local housing needs, community facilities and jobs and where they should go. It also means including the green and open spaces that are important to the community.

The plan seeks to address local issues of transport infrastructure, flood risk, economic resilience, community inclusiveness, land use, housing needs, amenity value, education and quality of the environment. It must fit with both the National Planning Policy Framework guidelines and also the Cornwall Local Plan, which sets out strategic policy as well as housing, employment and retail numbers and key issues for the Truro and Kenwyn area.

The current Truro and Kenwyn Neighbourhood Pan was formally adopted on 29 December 2016 and is now being updated to reflect local and national changes.

Why is the Neighbourhood Plan being updated?

Neighbourhood Plans need to be kept up to date and nearly three years later there have been changes locally and nationally that mean that the plan needs to be updated. These reasons include:

  • Thinking how we can respond to Climate Change;
  • Opportunities to help re-plan major new developments at Langarth and Pydar Street;
  • A need to make improvements to health and wellbeing; and
  • Creation of a greener city and encouraging more sustainable ways to travel.

Consideration has also been made of the need for new policies to meet specific issues and planning needs for the area. There have been some significant changes since the current plan plan was adopted including proposals to improve the quality of development at Langarth, redevelopment proposals for the former Carrick offices at Pydar Street and the declaration of Climate Change Emergencies by Cornwall and Truro City Councils.

It was decided that the current plan could be usefully changed to help guide those major developments as well as promoting better energy efficiency, drainage and other environmental standards for new buildings and places.

What happens to the existing Neighbourhood Plan?

The existing neighbourhood plan will remain in place until the new policies are inspected. Most of the revisions being made are small minor changes with a small number of new policies. The existing plan is considered to still be up to date and the changes being made will not reduce its strength in planning decisions.

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