Vision & Progress

Vision & Progress

Living in Langarth means being part of a distinctive, vibrant community. Beautifully designed homes meet the needs and budgets of all sectors, set in high quality open spaces.

A community providing an unrivalled quality of life. Where walkable corridors connect schools, innovative workspaces and health, cultural and leisure facilities. A community where residents of all ages can enjoy the benefits of rural life. With easy access to, and positive connections with the city and surrounding communities.

Langarth has green infrastructure at its heart, with people prioritised over cars. Residents can walk, cycle or use public transport to travel for work, school or leisure. This is a community for all. It works during the day and the night, where people can get together with their family and friends. Far from being a traditional housing development – Langarth is a place where people will live, work and thrive.

The story so far

The Langarth development has a long and complex history. This resulted in the granting of planning permissions to private sector developers.
Some local people have raised concerns over the quality of the proposed development and the impact on existing traffic. Others worry about increased pressures on local schools and health services.

Cornwall Council wants to ensure that all new development is of the best quality that it can be. In January 2019 Cornwall Councillors took the decision to intervene. They allocated £159 million to support the development of a masterplan and key infrastructure for the whole site.

Since then we have been working with representatives of the local community and key partners to develop plans for the new community. We want to provide high quality homes for residents, workers and visitors. The scheme includes education, health, cultural and leisure facilities and flexible workspaces. These will be set in open and walkable green landscapes with trees, walking and cycle ways.

In June 2019 the Government included Langarth in its Garden Communities programme. It awarded the Council £47.5 million from the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) to build the Truro Northern Access Road (NAR). This new road will connect all the developments on the site and provide an alternative route to the Royal Cornwall Hospital. It will include improved public transport and facilities for cyclists and walkers.

The Housing Infrastructure Fund is a key part of the Government’s programme to deliver 200,000 new properties across the UK by 2050. This will increase local housing supply to help address needs. The Council is looking at opportunities to increase the number of homes provided at Langarth through the masterplan. This will help provide more facilities and much needed housing. It will also reduce the need for further greenfield land for housing to meet local needs.

We want to create a new vibrant, well-connected community for between 8,000 and 10,000 future residents of Cornwall. With local character, strong services and integrated and accessible transport and green spaces.

Langarth Garden Village will be home to people of different ages and lifestyles. Our aim is to provide a mix of housing sizes, types and tenures to meet local needs rather than a bland “one size fits all” approach. At least 35% of the homes will be affordable. There will be homes for older people and those with special needs. There will be homes for key workers, students, and good quality Council Owned market rented homes.

We want to plan and deliver the new community as a whole. This means we can shape services such as schools and GP surgeries around future resident numbers from the start. The size, shape and feel of these services is then informed by the number of homes and future residents at Langarth.

This ensures we can include appropriate services and infrastructure within the emerging Masterplan. This helps to prevent extra pressure on existing local services. We are currently analysing potential housing numbers. We are also exploring how we can create more clusters with apartments and mixed use local centres to deliver more homes in certain areas. Adding land at West Langarth and changes to the retail sector means we can now use areas allocated for retail or commercial use for homes. This enables us to provide more homes without increasing the density on the site. This exercise is currently underway.

Langarth offers an exciting opportunity to create a new community, which is resilient, adaptable and fit for future living. We are working with the wider community alongside key delivery partners to shape this.

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