As a garden village, sustainability is important. We are looking at providing safe and convenient walking, cycling and public transport.

We are also considering how to use future technology including use of electric vehicles. Our main aim is to encourage people to use their cars less, so we can help them lead active lives and minimise air and noise pollution from traffic.

Our emerging vision sees a place which prioritises people over cars. We want to integrate green spaces to grow the environment. We will also encourage healthy living through social interaction, play, walking and cycling.

The masterplan will support the use of electric vehicles and public transport to promote good air quality . We want new residents to choose to travel into Truro and its major employment and commercial hubs by way of cycling and public transport.

We are working with CORMAC, the Masterplanning team and other partners to create an effective Transport Strategy. This will include better cycle, bus and walking connections. Our aim is to provide a realistic and practical alternative to car use for accessing the city centre and other services. This includes cycle ways and paths that allow easy access to everywhere people want to go. We are also looking at cycle parking and storage, cycle training programmes and car clubs.

The new Northern Access Road (NAR) will run parallel to the north of the existing A390 between Penstraze and Treliske. This will be a “avenue” style of road with trees, cycle paths and on street parking rather than a standard estate road. It is being designed to be pedestrian friendly, with a 20 mph speed limit. It will provide footways and cycleways along its entire length. It will also integrate with our wider ambition for the separately funded cycle routes from the north coast into Truro.

Proposals for the 3.5 km route are being developed as part of the planning submission in Spring 2020. Subject to all the necessary approvals and consents being secured, work is anticipated to start in Summer 2020 and be completed in Winter 2023.

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