Homes & Living

Homes & Living

Langarth Garden Village is part of the Government’s garden communities programme. This aims to address national housing needs. This means delivering 200,000 properties across the UK by 2050.

Garden town or village status means high-quality housing, large amounts of green space, community facilities and a distinctive identity.

Langarth Garden Village will be home to people of different ages and lifestyles. It will provide up to 4,000 new homes with a mix of housing sizes, types and tenures to meet local needs rather than a bland “one size fits all” approach.

At least 35% of the homes will be affordable. There will be homes designed for older people and those with special needs. There will also be key worker accommodation and good quality Council Owned market rented homes. We want the new community to reflect the area’s existing natural character and heritage.

The Council is looking at opportunities to increase the number of homes provided at Langarth through the masterplan. This will help provide more facilities and much needed housing. It will also reduce the need for further greenfield land for housing to meet local needs.

We want to plan and deliver the new community as a whole. This means we can shape services such as schools and GP surgeries around future resident numbers from the start. The size, shape and feel of these services is then informed by the number of homes and future residents at Langarth.

This ensures we can include appropriate services and infrastructure within the emerging Masterplan. This helps to prevent extra pressure on existing local services. We are currently analysing potential housing numbers. We are also exploring how we can create more clusters with apartments and mixed use local centres to deliver more homes in certain areas. Adding land at West Langarth and changes to the retail sector means we can now use areas allocated for retail or commercial use for homes. This enables us to provide more homes without increasing the density on the site. This exercise is currently underway.

Langarth offers an exciting opportunity to create a new community, which is resilient, adaptable and fit for future living. We are working with the wider community alongside key delivery partners to shape this.

High-quality homes and a good quality of life go hand in hand. Our involvement will ensure house design and aspects of placemaking will be of a higher standard than if delivered solely by the private sector. We will be setting minimum standards for the size of homes and modern environmental standards as well as making sure homes are adaptable and fit for the future.
Our environmental standards will include reduced energy consumption, water efficiencies and use of renewable and low carbon technologies.

We recognise the need for jobs. We are working with partners to ensure that the scheme provides more employment opportunities, with specific support for start-ups and growth for small and medium sized enterprises.

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