We want to create a distinctive community at Langarth on the edge of the city of Truro where people will live work and thrive.

Langarth will be a vibrant, connected, well planned community for between 8,000 and 10,000 future residents of Cornwall. It will have local character, strong services and integrated and accessible transport and green spaces.


We are working with our partners and the local community to develop a Masterplan for the whole site.

This will provide a coherent plan which sets higher standards for placemaking and design in the area. We can then ensure that the scheme provides a sustainable community and a desirable and attractive place to live.

We want to provide high quality, well designed housing, improved infrastructure and spaces for work and services that fit the needs of a diverse population. The Masterpan will help us achieve this.

It will also help deliver new schools, an extension to the park and ride scheme, health, leisure, play, faith, emergency facilities and a new community centre and services at the start of the project when the community needs them.

Our aim is to complete the Masterplan by the end of this year ahead of applying for planning permission in Spring 2020.


Langarth Garden Village is sited north of the A390 on the edge of the city of Truro and the other side of the road to Threemilestone. It stretches east from Penstraze to the borders of Treliske hospital.

Homes & Living

Langarth Garden Village is part of the Government’s garden communities programme which aims to address national housing needs.

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Homes & Living

Langarth Stakeholder Panel

The Stakeholder Panel was set up in early 2019 to represent the interests of the local community. This followed Cornwall Council’s decision to become involved in the Langarth scheme.

It includes councillors from Cornwall Council, Truro City Council and Kenwyn Parish Council, with representatives from key partners and community organisations.

The Panel is chaired by Cornwall Councillor Dulcie Tudor, with Cornwall Councillor John Dyer as Vice Chairman. Members meet monthly to discuss the developing Masterplan. Topics include the design and quality of housing and transport links. They also consider the provision of community facilities, including new schools, and health, leisure, play, faith and emergency facilities, green spaces and a new community centre.

Who is involved?

The development of the Masterplan is being led by Cornwall Council who are working with a range of partners.

These include Truro City Council, Kenwyn Parish Council, Langarth landowners., Truro and Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan group, Langarth Stakeholder Panel and the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership.

This work is being supported by specialist companies including AHR, Arcadis, CF Moller, Inner Circle, Poynton Bradbury Winter Cole, The Environment Partnership, Garner and Tonic, Litchfields and WSP.

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